My name is Dulce Marines. I was born in Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico. However, I was raised in Chicago Illinois, where I lived for almost seventeen years.  I am married to my Polish husband, whom I met in the USA.  Here in Poland I have the opportunity to help others learn a new language - English or Spanish.

I like to see the progress in my students.  It makes me feel I am doing a good job!  I always like to find innovating ways to encourage my students to learn a new language.  I consider myself a very open and friendly person.  I love to get to know other people, their culture, and ways of thinking.  This job gives me the opportunity to do it.  I enjoy reading a good book that leaves you something to think about, encourages you, and sends a message in powerful words of wisdom.

I enjoy a good movie, a glass of tasty wine, and a time spent with my husband. Being a foreigner I definitely understand more why my students sometimes struggle to learn a foreign language. An important part of my job is to encourage them to keep going and keep learning because one day it will pay off.

I hope to see you soon at Correct!