I studied English Philology at The University of Łódź. My main interests regarding my studies lie in the field of translation and interpreting. I am fascinated with a number of issues connected with audio-visual translation and with the questions of translator’s creativity, freedom and ethics.

As far as teaching is concerned, I’ve had the pleasure…and the challengeJ of working with children, teenagers and adults. I’ve helped people who struggled in school or needed to prepare for their Matura Exam and other examinations. I’ve also worked with people who were leaving Poland for Britain or businesspeople who needed to learn a lot fast.

I joined the Correct team in April 2008. Since then I’ve worked with individual students and groups. I hope they enjoyed learning English with me as much as I have teaching them.J

As cliché as it may sound…English actually IS my passion. In my teenage years I used to study song lyrics with a thick dictionary at hand for hoursJ I  believe that motivation is crucial to progress and success in learning a foreign language and my case is the perfect example to prove it. My main goal while teaching is to make the student aware of their strengths and believe it or not, everyone has some! I aim at providing my students with inspiration.J Oh, and one more thing… being very chatty and happy to speak English anytime… I also think grammar’s pretty cool.

When I’m not reading, writing, speaking, teaching or translating English I listen to music. I was born in a rock’n’roll family. I love belly dance. and British films. I can’t get enough of Guy Richie’s “Snatch”.J I have been to Britain several times, both working and having fun, which only strengthened my fascination with British accents! Pronunciation is probably my favourite aspect of English, of any language really.